A simple to-do app to accomplish more

Here's a look why more than 500 people use Samu to boost their productivity

Organize everything visually

Samus' unique interface lets you prioritize your work and personal life in a visual way to see everything at a single glance.

Do Today important tasks that need your immediate attention.

Schedule important tasks so that they’re done, before they get urgent.

Delegate tasks that are urgent, but can be done by someone else.

Do Later tasks that are trivia, time wasters or busywork.

Used by all kinds of people

From managers to freelancers through to students, everyone effectively manage their tasks.

Simple, but powerful

Tasks can have due dates, effort estimates, subtasks and a description. Furthermore you can delegate tasks by email.

Plan your day and execute

We've built Samu from the ground up to improve your productivity. Say goodbye to distractions with our focus mode.

Nichola Stott

Managing Director at theMediaFlow

I signed up because I am feeling overwhelmed with my inbox and needed a simple way to help me cut the crap; do what is important now, and delegate more!
Verena Knapp

Head of Finance at Improove

What makes Samu so powerful is that it combines the two essential dimensions of time management: time and priority (actually it adds a third dimension - I love the focus list). Prioritizing has always been the main challenge for me and from my experience it is for a lot of people.
Chandler Warrick


As soon as I plugged my tasks into Samu, I was in love. Everything looks easier to manage in your interface. Plus, the focus list allows me to tag tasks I need to do now - something I struggle with as a professional procrastinator.

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