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Do you consider making the switch to Samu or one of the other competitors?

We want to make that decision as easy as possible for you. That's why we've wrote down information to help you compare Samu and, including features, customer experiences and thoughts from current Samu customers who have made the switch.

We hope this helps you decide which option is best for you.

1) Samu is better at figuring out what's truly important

Having a hard time to figure out what really matters with

With Samu, it's easy to focus on what task are important for your long-term goals. Just take a look:

Samu is based on the Eisenhower Matrix, a time management technique used by executives and managers all over the world.

It's simple to use and brings all the functionality you are used to at like recurring tasks, notes, due dates and more. You can even delegate tasks by email and get a notified once they're marked as done.

2) Samu increases your productivity

Tired of losing focus with neverending to-do lists?

You won't with Samu. You can select tasks you want to focus on and literally blur everything else out of your mind. Convince yourself:

The best part it's super easy and fast. Drop the scribbled paper to-do list and hundreds of sticky-notes for managing your day. Samu's Focus Mode is ideal for planning a 2-hour session, your day and even your full week. Oh, and it's great in combination with the Pomodoro technique too.

As soon as I plugged my tasks into Samu, I was in love. Everything looks easier to manage in your interface. Plus, the focus list allows me to tag tasks I need to do now - something I struggle with as a professional procrastinator.

Chandler Warrick - Student

3) Samu is here to help

 We see each interaction —every email, tweet, question, mention and more— as an opportunity to get to know you better. We know what it means to take time out of your day to get in touch with us and we work hard to repay that trust by  offering an outstanding and fast customer support.

We're here to help no matter what you need. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you succeed in your life.

Read why people switched to Samu

We truly care about our customers and that they accomplish their goals. One of the questions we always ask is: „Why did you sign up for Samu?”.

 Hundreds of productive people have switched from, see why…

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I signed up because I am feeling overwhelmed with my inbox and needed a simple way to help me cut the crap; do what is important now, and delegate more!

Nichola Stott - Managing Director at theMediaFlow

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