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A simple to-do app that combines the two essential dimensions of time management: time and priority.

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* Based on the Eisenhower Matrix, a time management technique used by presidents, executives and managers.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

34th U.S. President

  • Creation of NASA
  • Interstate Highway System
  • 3x balanced the budget
  • Ended Korean War
  • Civil Rights Bill of 1957 & 1960

Having a hard time figuring out what really matters?

The Old Way

The New Way

With Samu it's easy focus on what's truly important.

Productive people use Samu,
 here's why...

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Simple, but powerful

Samu supports due dates, effort estimates, subtasks and a description.

Delegate with ease

Send task to your co-workers by email and get notified once they're done.

Plan your day & execute

Add tasks to your focus list and blur everything else out.

With Samu you can ...

  • Get up to 2.5x more done
  • Keep your focus
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Spend more time on important things
  • Reduce trivia and busywork
  • Plan your day in advance
  • See your workload in a single glance
  • Delegate with ease

Productive peopleSamu

From managers to students, people achieve more with Samu.

Nichola Stott

Managing Director at theMediaFlow

I signed up because I am feeling overwhelmed with my inbox and needed a simple way to help me cut the crap; do what is important now, and delegate more!
Verena Knapp

Head of Finance at Improove

What makes Samu so powerful is that it combines the two essential dimensions of time management: time and priority (actually it adds a third dimension - I love the focus list). Prioritizing has always been the main challenge for me and from my experience it is for a lot of people.
Chandler Warrick


As soon as I plugged my tasks into Samu, I was in love. Everything looks easier to manage in your interface. Plus, the focus list allows me to tag tasks I need to do now - something I struggle with as a professional procrastinator.

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